Stop being a massive "sook" (brilliant Australian slang)

Posted on 14 January 2022

Stop being a massive

My favorite Australian word is "sook". LOVE that word when it's used well. To anybody who doesn't know, "sook" is Australian slang for somebody who sulks and whinges because life isn't going their way. (Well, that's my interpretation of it anyway!)

And I was a "massive sook" over the festive period. Not gonna lie. First world problems got on top of me.

It started off with my UK trip being cancelled because of Old Mate Covid (a problem not exclusive to just me, by any stretch)...

Followed by one of my sausage dogs (Why are you laughing? Yes, I have more than one sausage dog!) nearly going to the big dog pound in the sky. He came back from the dead, but I had to nurse him back to health over Xmas...

Followed by a Covid case in the household that meant me and my kids essentially had to “isolate” (kind of) in an apartment, with the sausage dogs (plural), and pray that the Xbox novelty didn't wear off too quickly (which it did)...

All compounded by the fact that I was 12000 miles away from loved ones at such a family centric time.

Anyway, sook I did! Got well wrapped up in my first world problems.

But yesterday, I finally managed to get away from Melbourne, and the first thing I did was find a deserted beach, and run to the end of that particular beach till I literally ran out of beach.

And I had proper old school house music blaring into my ears... Not the type of house music you find on "Now This Is House Music" compilations.

It was glorious. I hadn't felt that alive in weeks, if not months.

Anyway, that thing on my face, between my AirPods, is a smile. Something that I'm very guilty of not flashing much over Christmas.

But all it took was one run in the sun, with the wind in my thinning hair, and sand up my nostrils, to help me get perspective and remember that life is pretty cool when you allow yourself to get your regular dose of the simple pleasures in life... And that crappy times don't last forever.

If you feel like you're in a slump, get out and stick your head in the water at the beach. You'll be amazed what it can do for you!

2022! Let's have it!!!


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