Why live here? When you can live HERE? ☂️ v ⛱️

Posted on 12 April 2022

Why live here? When you can live HERE? ☂️ v ⛱️

Why on earth are you still getting the Number 57 bus to work, through England’s grey concrete cities?  Or the sardine-crushed Tube?  Only to get off at your stop, straight into the horizontal wind and rain?


I just don’t get it.  You must be nuts.


That’s why I have good news for all you UK Recruiters stuck in the UK.


I’m coming over in April to try and talk some sense into you.


I’ll be meeting UK Recruiters who dream of a MUCH better life in Australia, and letting you know everything you need to know about making the move to Australia that will change your life.


There’s no better time to move to the land of koalas, Vegemite, and Dame Edna…


✈️ The borders have finally properly opened, so they can no longer keep you out!


🔥 The market is smoldering hot!  Like, SMOULDERING hot!


💰 All Recruitment Leaders are projecting nothing but strong growth for at least another 2 years!


🔖Working Holiday Visas have been lengthened, making it much easier to get in here, quickly!


🏖 The Australian Recruitment Industry is fully embracing post-Covid work life balance, so you can literally spend half of your working week on the beach.


📺 You can now download BritBox on your telly, so you won’t miss any important happenings on Eastenders or Corrie.


I’ll be holding meetings in both Manchester (🌧) and London (🌧) in April.


All you have to do is contact me directly (my email address is in the comments section below), then start practicing how to walk in your flip-flop (“thongs”) without developing a massive blister between your big toe and your next big toe.


PS: This is a real photo of a UK city taken just a few months ago. Anybody recognise it?

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