I used to live in New York City... Illegally.

Posted on 27 May 2022

I used to live in New York City... Illegally.

I used to live in New York… Illegally.

Admittedly, it was many years ago (26 years ago, to be exact), and I’ve been back a few times since. So I think I got away with it.

If you’ve never been to New York, it’s spine tinglingly amazing.

Every corner you turn is a moving postcard.

You don’t need to sight-see. Just walking the streets is more than enough.

But when I lived there, it was actually a rough old time for a while.

I couldn’t get a job, as I didn’t have a green card. So I was broke.

I was literally an alien Englishman in New York (or whatever it was that Sting was banging on about).

I’d spend my days walking round SoHo and Manhattan handing out my crap CV to any retail outlet or bar or cafe I could find.

Nobody was interested in hiring this illegal English bloke with a weird accent.

I’d end most of my days buying a beer and collapsing in an exhausted heap watching the street basketball games, that would usually end in a brawl. So you got double bang for your buck.

Eventually, after literally months of walking the streets getting nowhere, I walked into a store called Rugged Sole in Manhattan, near Washington Square Park. (It’s no longer there. It closed down after a drive-by shooting. I’m not kidding!)

Upon entering Rugged Sole, I did my usual 60 second CV pitch, which normally got cut short after 10 seconds when they usually closed me down with the standard rejection.

But on this occasion, I was told to come back the following day for an interview, and was told that Mr Haan (the Owner) would always meet people who had “the balls” to walk in off the street, because he also felt he owed it to others to do exactly what somebody had once done for him, when he first landed in America from Korea.

Long story short, I finally got a job in NYC.

Mr Haan agreed to pay me “under the table”, totally illegally. To give me a break.

So I worked my arse off (or “tail”, or “ass”, or “butt” if you’re local), and even got promoted to Manager after a few months.

But I was on peanuts. And living in NYC on peanuts is no life.

Eventually, and much sooner than I wanted to or should have, I flew home to England, demoralised. And still broke.

I vowed that one day I’d return to New York with some money in my pocket.

New York, if you have a few bucks in your wallet, is easily the coolest place to visit, or indeed live, on the planet.

Which leads me to a beautifully subtle little segue, letting you know that…


Australian Recruiters are in demand, in New York City.

LIVE THE “BIG APPLE” DREAM, but with actual money in your pocket!

Oh, and you’ll get your very own visa, and most definitely will not be illegal. 😆

Contact me directly, and in confidence, for full and further details.

PS: Interesting little fun fact… While working at Rugged Sole, I once sold a pair of Timberlands to Susan Sarandon. I know! Check me out!!!

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