When I was a lad!

Posted on 10 May 2022

When I was a lad!

In just a few short months, my eldest Son will be legally old enough to go out and get his first job. 14 years and 9 months, to be exact.

But how times have changed.

At the age of 11, I had TWO paper rounds… One at 5.30am, and one at 5.30pm.

I’d be up before the crows, in the freezing pitch black, on a BMX with no lights (but very cool dice caps), with no way of calling home if I got a puncture, to collect my papers off a newsagent who, let’s just say, hated kids.

I’d then return home, exhausted, eat breakfast (4 Weetabix presented very little challenge), and then get myself off to school via a very lengthy walk to the bus stop.

But wasn’t my only job as a kid.

I was also a petrol pump attendant, a car washer (“Wax on, wax off”… Thanks Karate Kid!), and a glass collector in the local pub.

The money I earned was a pittance, but it was mine, and it helped fund my first purchases of a ghetto-blaster, “Hi-Top” trainers and hair gel.

This isn’t a post about developing work ethic early in life, or about how those miserable Tuesday 6am mornings made me the Recruiter I am today…

Not at all.

It’s more of a panic post as I come to the realisation that getting my spoilt and mollycoddled almost-15 year year old out to work to get a job is going to be an absolute f-cking nightmare!!! 😆

What was your first job?

NB: Photo isn’t me. I had a chrome Ammaco Freestyler. (If you know, you know!)

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