When is Recruitment beautiful? 💚

Posted on 02 May 2022

When is Recruitment beautiful? 💚

There is quite possibly no better feeling for a Recruiter, than when a Candidate puts ALL of their faith in YOU, and you deliver the BEST possible outcome for them.

It’s a beautiful process, and a beautiful moment.

But it’s not always easy, and comes with a certain amount of pressure.

Imagine… A Candidate, for whatever reason, puts their faith and hope, and total career aspirations in YOUR hands!

They have family, and financial responsibilities, and ambitions… All of which now rest firmly on YOUR shoulders.

You simply HAVE to deliver. For them, for their family, for their dreams and hopes to be realised.

Sounds a bit wanky, right? But it’s true.

I LOVE this scenario!

I love believing in a Candidate and giving them my all. Advocating for them in every conversation. Selling them with the utmost passion because I truly believe in what I’m saying, and truly believe in that person.

I love the bond between Recruiter and Candidate when the two of you have made a pact to be a team, to the end, no matter how many rejections and setbacks you experience along the way.

I love it when you give that Candidate sound advice, and you just know they’re listening to your every word.

And above all else, I love it when you pick up the phone to call that Candidate to give them the news they’ve been waiting weeks to hear.

And their response?

“Mate, we did it!”

I know we do Recruitment because it pays well.

I know that. And of course, that applies to me too.

But when a Candidate says to you “Mate, we did it!”… Those are the moments that make this job, the job of a Recruiter, one of the best gigs there is.

Agree? 👍🏻

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