Is it OK to "job hop"?

Posted on 16 June 2022

Is it OK to

I saw a post on LinkedIn last week that I took polite exception to. 


Not one to usually get rattled by anything I see on LinkedIn, this one made me (mutter under my breath) “Grrrr! What a load of old bollocks!” (The “Grrr” should hopefully demonstrate how cross I was to read this particular piece!)


Somebody (can’t remember who) was suggesting that “the new world we now live in” allows for “job hopping” to be an acceptable thing on a CV. 


Further to that, he believed that job-hoppers should not only NOT have their career-bouncing held against them, but it should actually be seen as a positive. WTaF?


Now, call me old fashioned (again), but when I’m reviewing a CV, literally the first thing I’m looking for is stability. 


Some kind of evidence that the Candidate has a track record of giving stuff a crack, and not falling at the first hurdle. 


Some kind of evidence that the Candidate has enjoyed some positive career chapters because of their well thought out career decisions. 


Some kind of evidence that demonstrates progression in pursuit of upwards career trajectory. 


Don’t get me wrong. I know the world we live in now is a bit different, and things like “exploration and experiment” in our lives and careers are much more acceptable. And I embrace that. And I want that for my kids too. 


And I also accept that we humans make mistakes. Goodness only knows I bloody well did! 😆


But my kids also need to understand that it WILL and SHOULD go against them in a selection process if they’ve had 6 jobs in 6 years, and the person they’re being measured up against has had 2 jobs in 6 years. 


Do you think your new employer wants to pay your salary while you explore or experiment with your career?


Don’t be ridiculous. 


I love stabilty on a CV. 


I love it more than high performance. 


Because if somebody has stayed in a job for a good few years WITHOUT being a high performer, it proves that they were a good egg, good for culture, and good to have around. 


So, in summary…


Job-Hoppers. I have nothing against you. I’ve been guilty of it myself (many years ago). But if you believe you’re pioneers for the new “Erratic CV” career frontier, you’re as mad as the person who wrote that LinkedIn post like week (who’s name I still can’t remember!)


Makes you wonder though… I wonder how many jobs he’d had in the past 5 years!?

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