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About Pete Watson

WRITTEN BY FRANK... "For a lad from Cumbria, Pete’s not done too bad, all things considered.
I first met Pete across a recruitment sales floor when were both starting our recruitment careers for S3 about a hundred years ago. Back then he was the poster boy of the office. Not for his performance (which was mediocre at best), but for his devilishly handsome good looks. (Remembering, this was 20+ years ago. He's not aged well!)
Fast forward a few years, and Pete was supplying some of the best recruiters in the market, and I was on the privileged client list. It soon became apparent that ‘Poster boy Pete’ had found his niche. Quite simply, the quality of his candidates and his thoroughness in qualifying what people wanted, meant there was never a bad interview and he was second to none at what he did.
Before I knew it, I’d fully fallen for his charm, and found myself working alongside Yoda himself.
I’m sure there are thousands of recruiters he’s placed over the years, who would all agree with me – not only is he the best R2R in the Southern Hemisphere, he’s also the sexiest thing to come from Cumbria since Beatrix Potter."

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