At Mint R2R, nothing makes us happier than happy Candidate testimonials, and ALL of the testimonials you'll read here are REAL Candidates who have loved the Mint Rec2Rec experience.
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  • Will Millington
    Will Millington

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete was super easy to deal with, his preparation for interviews are second to none. Would highly recommend Pete and his Rec2Rec service.

  • Nati Kaveh
    Nati Kaveh

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete was super supportive through my whole process. He is great listener and was always calm and patient. I would highly recommend him. Super experienced, and super passionate R2R.

  • Arvin Timpoc
    Arvin Timpoc

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​When I embarked in my journey in getting a shot or my breakthrough in the recruitment industry, i stumbled across a Rec2Rec called Pete. He gave me a good understanding of the recruitment industry and was very transparent. Within a short period of time, i had full trust in Pete’s R2R work. This is through his honesty, drive, punctuation and just delivers on what he says. I even asked Pete, if i could stay in touch with him and if he could be my mentor when i needed and without hesitation, he said yes. You would be doing yourself a disservice, if you don’t at least ‘have a chat’ with him. He has a good pulse on the industry and has the right network. If you’re interested in getting into the recruitment industry, in Australia, it would be crazy not to speak to Pete.

  • Shannon Capper
    Shannon Capper

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete's a Rec2Rec legend. My experience with Pete was delightful. I was trying to break into the industry and partnering with Pete gave me the exposure I needed to find the right place. Pete spent the time to understand what I wanted from a career, he gave me honest advice and guidance throughout the entire process. Pete is one of the most genuine R2R recruiters I have come across, and without hesitation, I would recommend working with him.

  • Stephanie Wood
    Stephanie Wood

    Senior Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete is an energetic Rec2Rec and thorough recruiter who creates a great impression from the get-go. He knows the industry well and took time to really understand the 'brief' from me. He presented a number of scenarios back to me to ensure we were on the right track and clearly knows the industry really well. He was honest and considered and made me feel incredibly supported throughout the process and beyond. He is a terrific R2R and was a great sounding board for me also. Pete has incredibly strong communication skills and uses these to walk the talk, which I think is quite rare.

  • Adrian Petrie
    Adrian Petrie

    Manager , placed by Mint Sept 2020

    ​I had the chance to work with Pete during Covid and I couldn't have been any more impressed with his outstanding level of Rec2Rec service. Pete took his time to understand what I was looking for as a candidate, and he brought opportunities to me that aligned with my vision and purpose.We worked together during the middle of the COVID period, and as such Pete worked extremely hard to present me with a number of high quality opportunities and interviews.His knowledge of the market and his clients allowed me to prepare thoroughly for each interview, which ultimately turned into a successful placement.Pete's not just a recruiter - he's a true R2R partner to your career, and someone I'm proud to call a friend. If you want to work with the best to help you take your career to the next level, look no further than Pete.Thanks for all your hard work and effort mate!

  • Stathi Paleologos
    Stathi Paleologos


    ​​Pete is a great Rec2Rec who delivers on his promises and will do his absolute best to offer his candidates a flawless experience. He was transparent and professional through the entire process. I would highly recommend him.

  • Dave Morgan
    Dave Morgan

    Practice Manager , placed by Mint March 2020

    ​I've known Pete for a number of years and can't recommend him highly enough. We first met a few years ago when Pete gave me impartial advice which he knew at the time wouldn't result in a placement, 5 years later when I decided to make a move Pete was the first person and only Rec2Rec I called.Pete gave me guidance on my next career move and a day later I had 3 interviews set up, one of which was my dream role.I can't thank Pete enough, the process was extremely smooth and painless and he was a joy to work with.

  • Jack Byrne
    Jack Byrne

    Senior Recruitment Consultant , placed by Mint Jan 2019

    ​I would highly recommend Pete to anyone looking for an R2R to further their career.He took the time to understand my strengths, motivations and the type of business I wanted to work for. Pete quickly presented me with several options of his clients which were a great match for what I wanted.He then quickly secured interviews for the businesses I wanted to speak with and managed the process perfectly. He gave me great insights into the organisations and people I will be meeting so I was best prepared for the interviews.Pete is a friendly and professional Rec2Rec and clearly knows his stuff when it comes to the recruitment market in Sydney! I worked with Pete exclusively and I'd recommend people to do the same, he will not let you down!

  • Verge Das Neves
    Verge Das Neves

    Practice Lead

    ​When I was looking at a potential move across the Indian Ocean I reached out to a few Rec2Rec to get a lay of the land. Pete, was by far, the most proactive and customer focused professional. He's knowledge of the market and his clients were unmatched. It was hard not to choose him as my exclusive partner into the Melbourne Market. He sent me a list of organisations that he had good relationships with, where we then narrowed the list down to three based on my credentials and his unique insider knowledge of his clients.Pete is very attentive to both his candidates and clients needs which was a breath of fresh air. He walked me through the whole process ultimately securing my role at SHK.His support throughout the move and relocation has been heartening and very helpful. He's always a quick whatsapp message away.I've dealt with many R2r s around the world and the professionalism and attention to detail shown by Pete throughout the process has really set the bar extremely high for the rest of the industry to try and catch up.

  • Matt Hammerton
    Matt Hammerton

    Practice Lead , placed by Mint May 2019

    ​Pete was fantastic in securing me a great job with an exciting business in Melbourne. He works hard and efficiently whilst providing important insight into the Australian market. If you are looking for a strong Rec2Rec to help find you that new job in recruitment then definitely go to Pete and Mint R2R.

  • Marcel Etienne-Barker
    Marcel Etienne-Barker

    Principal Consultant , placed by Mint May 2019

    ​Pete came to me via a recommendation from a friend whom he had also placed. I decided to work with him exclusively, I advise you to do the same.24 hours after arriving in Melbourne after travelling, Pete immediately put time aside to come and meet me and go more into depth regarding my motivators and what I was looking for. A few hours after our meeting, we had 7 interviews lined up for the following week. Pete managed every client differently a provided all the information very quickly, updating everything as we progressed through each role. Every specific more detailed question was actioned immediately with no hassle.Top guy, top Rec2Rec, was a pleasure working with him. Very happy in my new role. Thanks again, Pete!

  • Abigail Marnoch
    Abigail Marnoch

    Recruitment Consultant , placed by Mint Sept 2018

    ​Pete is a fantastic Rec2Rec that I would highly recommend to any recruitment professional looking for their next move. From the outset Pete listened to exactly what I was looking for and only brought forward appropriate opportunities. He stayed in contact throughout the full recruitment process, taking calls outside of normal working hours and even on weekends due to the time difference. He was absolutely instrumental in me finding a great role in Melbourne and I can't thank him enough for his help. If you're looking for a R2R that is highly personable, reliable and professional then Pete is certainly the best point of contact!

  • Brett Knowles
    Brett Knowles

    Executive Consultant , placed by Mint Jan 2018

    ​Pete was fantastic Rec2Rec to deal with when looking for my next opportunity. He was trustworthy, honest and proactive. He has an in-depth knowledge of the market and the connections to introduce you to the key players. Great guy, great R2R, and I have no hesitations in recommending him!

  • Martin Smallshaw
    Martin Smallshaw

    Principal Consultant , placed by Mint Sept 2017

    ​Pete was a pleasure to deal with. He is thorough, attentive and knowledgeable when it comes to relocation advice, which is so important when you're moving to the other side of the world, literally. His knowledge of the Sydney market is unparalleled and he has a great ability to understand what market experience is transferable, moving me specifically from Manufacturing recruitment to Building Services Design Engineering and the transition has been perfect.CGC is a great fit culturally for me which Pete identified exceptionally well.I got three offers from three different business' here in Sydney, all through Pete and he even recommended which business he thought was the best fit for me and why, which incidentally I agreed with 100%. Not which business he'd get the biggest fee from, which shows a high level of integrity.Highly recommend Pete. Ethical R2R. Knows his stuff.

  • Donna Bowen
    Donna Bowen

    Principal Consultant , placed by Mint Oct 2016

    Pete has been a professional, responsive and proactive Rec2Rec in finding me my next perfect role. I am happy to say I am enjoying my first week. Thank you Pete.

  • Vicki Woodcock
    Vicki Woodcock

    Portfolio Lead , placed by Mint May 2016

    ​Pete was extremely helpful in my move from London back to Melbourne and securing my new role. He's a great Rec2Rec. He listened to my requirements, and what organisations would suit me, put together a detailed list of suitable opportunities and promptly arranged interviews. I was able to sure a position, with a reputable firm, and am now very happy and settled back home.I would highly recommend Pete at Mint R2R.

  • Maree Ross
    Maree Ross

    Account Director , placed by Mint March 2016

    ​Pete is the best Rec2Rec I have dealt with in the Australian market.He has a consultative approach and really listens to what you are looking for in a potential employer.If you are looking for a specialist recruitment role within a niche market then Pete is your go-to R2R.I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending him and I’m really grateful for the opportunity he has given me.

  • Lee Bartlett
    Lee Bartlett

    Technical Recruiter , Placed by Mint Oct 2015

    ​I initially engaged with Pete from Mint R2R off the back of a recommendation after I decided to move to Australia from the UK. He is extremely professional, detailed and fully transparent. Pete was able to quickly assemble a number of interviews for me with some excellent organisations, being very informative, supportive and actually listening to my needs and requirements. End result - Pete placed me in a fantastic business and I've not looked back since. I would hugely recommend Pete - a genuine top bloke and an exceptional Rec2Rec.

  • Gideon Donaldson
    Gideon Donaldson

    Principal Consultant , placed by Mint March 2016

    ​If you are looking to speak to "The" Melbourne Rec-to-Rec Consultant, Pete is it. He has great long term relationships with his clients and knows the industry back to front. What was great about Pete is that he takes the time to assess your strengths, skills and above all you personality so you are matched with the right company culture.He organised all the interviews efficiently and always gave feedback and advice.If you are looking to be represented in a professional manner and have your CV submitted to some of the best agencies - Pete is your man ! Top R2R!

  • Cassie Dryburgh
    Cassie Dryburgh

    Senior Recruitment Consultant , placed by Mint Feb 2016

    ​Pete was a pleasure to work with and made the whole process of job searching and interviewing a breeze. He took time to understand my recruitment experience and the ideal company culture fit. Within a matter of weeks I had spoken to numerous targeted companies, which fit the brief. In the end I had a couple of offers on the table and was delighted to ultimately accept my ideal position in Sydney. I had total faith in Pete's Rec2Rec services.

  • Sam Arico
    Sam Arico

    Partner , placed by Mint Jan 2015

    ​I first caught up with Pete from Mint R2R quite a few months back just for a confidential discussion around potential future opportunities. Pete was very upfront and knowledgeable about what was happening in the market & potential career moves.Months later we re-connected and Pete put me in touch with a few opportunities, including my current employers Sharp & Carter. I had great preparation with regards to the contacts I was meeting, good follow up and great general advice on each opportunity.I would recommend Pete to any recruiter who is either currently looking at potential opportunities, or is considering a move at any stage down the track and needs to connect with a very decent Rec2Rec.

  • Kyla Boyd
    Kyla Boyd

    Principal Consultant

    ​Pete is an excellent Rec2Rec, He has outstanding market knowledge and is very well respected in the industry.Pete provided me with multiple opportunities and within hours of first meeting me.Pete is honest, reliable and will help you get the right role.I highly recommend Pete from Mint R2R.

  • Whitney Hayes
    Whitney Hayes

    Sales Manager , placed by Mint Jan 2014

    ​Pete is a truly professional Rec2Rec, and he knows his market and his clients inside and out. He was thorough with his feedback and helped me secure a role with a very reputable company here in Melbourne. I would recommend Pete from Mint R2R to anyone who was considering a move.

  • Max Kelly
    Max Kelly

    Associate Director , placed by Mint May 2012

    ​Pete helped me secure a job at T+O+M Recruitment. He worked hard on my behalf, demonstrated excellent market knowledge and showed genuine concern for my job requirements/career aspirations. I can't recommend Pete from Mint R2R highly enough.

  • Eran Clark
    Eran Clark

    Director , placed by Mint Oct 2011

    ​I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet with Pete from Mint R2R on my return back to Australia recently. When I made the decision to move my career back home after 5 years in the UK Pete approached me in a transparent and professional manner. He gave me an insight into the Melbourne recruitment market, listened to what I was looking for, and presented me with an array of potential firms to consider. I undertook a vigorous interview process, meeting with several key members of firms that were interested in my profile. Pete was a professional and helpful Rec2Rec throughout the whole process and I would highly recommend him to any consultant or recruitment business.

  • David Goodrem
    David Goodrem

    Executive Search Recruiter , Placed by Mint August 2011

    ​Pete has an open and honest approach and was able to provide detailed feedback and expert advice throughout the whole process. He understands the market, the benefits of each opportunity, and respects the decision of the individual. I am more than happy to recommend his Rec2Rec services and Mint R2R.

  • Terence Craig
    Terence Craig

    Executive Search Recruiter

    ​What can I say about Pete Watson.... I decided at the later part of 2010 I would like a lifestyle change and started to look at new opportunities in Australia. I put a plan in place and started to contact a few Rec2Recs based in the UK about the possibility of a move to Oz but after a short space of time I realised that I wasn't getting the desired result, and I started becoming slightly less optimistic than before! Then I had the good fortune to find Pete, THE R2R!! From the very first conversation to the last Pete was committed, honest, and listened to my every need and requirement of my search. Pete was able to reassure me with his in depth Knowledge of the Australian recruitment market and straight away (within a matter of days) had a number of good quality opportunities for me to assess. Me being based in the UK wasn't a barrier for Pete as he worked day and night to make sure my every need was attended to and no stone was left unturned. I'm very happy to say with Pete’s, support and advice I am now about to embark on an opportunity of a life time with a great company that has ticked all my boxes . Pete, It has been a please to work with a true industry professional, and I have no doubt that anyone who avails of your service would say anything less. Thanks again Pete! Terence

  • Julian Soames
    Julian Soames

    Associate Director , placed by Mint Oct 2010

    ​Pete was a great help in finding me a job in recruitment when I relocated to Melbourne from London. He arranged interviews with a select number of companies, managed the process effectively and offered advice on self branding. He has a good knowledge of the Australian market and I would not hesitate in recommending Pete from Mint R2R to anyone looking to take the next step in their career.

  • Rhian Davies
    Rhian Davies

    Director , placed by Mint Sept 2016

    ​From our initial introduction, Pete took the time to fully understand the information I was seeking, and clearly demonstrated in-depth knowledge of his clients, and the wider market.He clearly holds strong relationships with both clients and candidates, and from getting to know more about my expertise and requirements, he was able to recommend immediate introductions to several reputable firms. Throughout the process, Pete continued to provide strategic advice and guidance.An expert in his field of Rec2Rec, I would have no hesitation in recommending Pete to others seeking a strong R2R to help them identify new and exciting opportunities across the recruitment industry.

  • Andrew McManus
    Andrew McManus

    Senior Recruitment Consultant , placed by Mint Oct 2020

    ​I chose Pete from Mint R2R to represent me in the market because he came across as being genuine, he took the time to listen to what I wanted in my next role. He was able to give me great career advise and spent time working out a strategy to get my profile in front of the right people. He kept me informed at every stage, I knew exactly what company's my profile was being sent to and why it was being sent there. He demonstrated great market knowledge and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pete's Rec2Rec services to anyone, very supportive through the whole process.

  • Therese Thano
    Therese Thano

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete is an excellent R2R. As a recruiter myself, I highly recommend Pete from Mint R2R to represent you for future roles. He made time to listen to; the type of company I want and the type of company culture I want. All the companies he represented me for ticked all the boxes. This just shows that he just doesn't send your CV around to random clients. He knows what you want and he knows which companies offer those needs and wants.

  • Danielle McNeill
    Danielle McNeill

    Senior Recruitment Consultant

    ​After finding myself on the Job market after 15 years with the one company, in the middle of a pandemic and right before Christmas it wasn't the best timing, however Pete from Mint R2R was fantastic and he helped me find a new role within weeks! Pete presented me with some great options and gave me some great tips and pointers throughout the interview process which helped me to make the right decision when choosing my next role! Pete takes the time to get know you as a person and what is important, I highly recommend Pete if you are looking for a new role or if you are a client looking to partner with a great Rec2Rec! Thanks again Pete !

  • Eilish Neander
    Eilish Neander

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete was an absolute breeze to work with. I was quite stressed and indecisive in what I wanted in my next role. Instead of putting me in the 'too hard basket', Pete worked with me and spent the time to really nut out what is important to ME.I love my new role and it's going great. Pete is very proactive R2R and is well known and highly respected in the recruitment world. To either a client looking for good recruiters or a recruiter looking for their next opportunity, Pete is your Rec2Rec of choice.

  • Jon Attwood
    Jon Attwood

    Executive Director

    ​I was first introduced to Pete through the "Recruitment Journeys" podcast, which I found to be insightful and educational and such a great concept for our industry that can sometimes quietly fail in painting a picture of what's possible in career transitions in Search & Selection! Fast-forwarding almost a year, Pete helped me secure my own transition - from our first conversation he listened to what was a fairly specific set of parameters for me to consider a move and presented ideas that I would never have thought of. In Pete, you have a Rec2Rec partner that understands culture and has a real passion for our industry - I can't recommend him enough to those looking for their next challenge. Thanks Pete!

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones

    Principal Consultant

    ​I came in contact with Pete through a recommendation, in which Pete was held in high regards. Within our first few conversations, I understood why. His knowledge of the Melbourne recruitment industry was unmatched. Within days he had me interviews lined up. The big difference with Pete. He listened to what I wanted & gave me the best advise. it's rare you find a good Rec2Rec & Pete's the best I've dealt with. Highest of recommendations if you're looking to engage a brilliant R2R.

  • Jay Bicknell
    Jay Bicknell

    Principal Consultant , placed by Mint Jan 2018 & June 2021

    ​Pete's great at what he does - I've worked with him twice . He was a great help to me when I relocated to Sydney from the UK,. As such, I didn't hesitate to reach back out when I decided to look for my next step here in Australia. He is my go-to R2R.

  • Jo Taylor
    Jo Taylor

    Account Manager

    ​Pete is amazing at what he does!!! Couldn’t recommend anyone better to prepare you for a life in recruitment! I’m currently on my second week working in an industry I knew nothing about before I met him and couldn’t be happier.Thank you mate for all you have done... legend!! Best R2R out there.

  • Jill Henderson
    Jill Henderson

    Executive Search Recruiter

    ​I engaged Pete to help me source a new role after being out of the market for eight years. I was unsure where to start or how the market had changed in that time. Pete was fabulous Rec2Rec. He took the time to understand my values and what organisations would best align with those. Pete recommended three businesses that all aligned with what we spoke about. I met some amazing people during those discussions and with Pete's help was able to make a very considered decision about which offer was the right one. Pete is a professional R2R, is knowledgeable and knows the recruitment market inside out. I love the value add work he does with his mentorship program and his podcast. He truly loves recruitment and it shines through in every interaction. Thank you Pete.

  • Anita Kuklych
    Anita Kuklych

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete was a very helpful and professional Rec2Rec. Pete helped me begin my career in recruitment and provided me with invaluable advice. Highly recommend Mint R2R.

  • Rory Dickson
    Rory Dickson

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete is a great R2R and was great throughout the whole process! Very professional and always gave insightful advice. Couldn't recommend Pete enough!

  • Tim Watson
    Tim Watson

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete is a personable, honest and open R2R that helped me massively with my whole recruitment process. From our very first conversation, Pete made a great first impression where I was completely comfortable to place all my trust in him. Throughout the whole process, the work that Pete put in to ensure that I was prepared was second to none. It is an absolute pleasure to have worked with Pete. He is the standout Rec2Rec in the industry.

  • Jaz Peoples
    Jaz Peoples

    Principal Consultant

    ​Pete was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Being relatively junior in the Recruitment World, he was able to meet with me (virtually) and determine which organisations I would be best suited to in terms of culture - which was a huge thing for me! He assisted me through the interview and Recruitment process more than anyone has previously, and was able to find me the perfect company to work for. Thank you Pete for all of your help, I would happily recommend you to anyone in the industry looking for a great R2R.

  • Claire Rouillard
    Claire Rouillard

    Account Manager

    ​Pete helped me begin my career in recruitment and supported me every step of the way in my new career journey. He took the time to find the right company for me as I had never done recruitment before. Now I'm well and truly into my recruitment career and am absolutely loving it, am so grateful for Pete! Pete is a great Rec2Rec. Highly recommended Mint R2R.

  • Clare Love
    Clare Love

    Senior Account Manager

    ​After a terrible experience with another Rec2Rec who sold me the dream, then placed me in the worst job I have ever had in my 12-year recruitment career. I was a bit trepidatious about working with a R2R again. Pete was recommended to me by many trusted former colleagues though, so I decided to reach out. I wasn't an easy candidate to deal with having just been burned, but Pete was patient, honest, and professional. He also made me laugh when I was super stressed about making another career misstep. Pete put me forward to top-notch companies & candidly talked me through the pros/cons of each business. He was a real advocate for me & secured me a role that is a perfect fit. I couldn't have found a better 'work home' & it would never have happened without Pete. He has a warm, sanguine nature & I confidently recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new opportunity in the recruitment industry.

  • Chipo Riva
    Chipo Riva

    Recruitment Consultant , Experis

    ​Pete Watson is the best in the Rec2Rec business. The entire process from my first phone call with Pete to the job offer was thorough and seamless. He wanted to know what drives me as a person and want I wanted from a company. He placed me in my first ever recruitment role.I cannot recommend Pete enough, if your a candidate Pete will move heaven and earth for you.If you’re a client he will make sure he puts candidates in front of you that are not only properly vetted but also want to work for you.He’s managed to get a client for life with me. There’s a reason why Pete has such a respected name in the industry. He is truly excellent at what he does, a true professional within R2R. I cannot thank him enough for placing me in what I can only describe as the best job ever with amazing colleagues. He found me a forever home. Thank you Pete.

  • Bradie Smith
    Bradie Smith

    Recruitment Consultant , Experis

    ​Top man! Great Rec2Rec. Very thorough in his approach. Walked me through every step.

  • Maddie Giani
    Maddie Giani

    Recruitment Consultant , Public Sector People

    ​Pete helped me secure the best role I could have ever asked for. Being only 6 months into my first recruitment role Pete heard my concerns of moving so quickly and helped find the right next long term role. Pete listened to me, talked through my concerns and was open and honest throughout the whole process. Highly recommend working with Pete from Mint R2R.

  • Mohanna Watson
    Mohanna Watson

    Search Partner , REO Group

    ​Pete is a fantastic Rec2Rec He took the time to understand what was important for me and held my hand through the whole process. Thanks so much Pete .

  • Dyson Taylor
    Dyson Taylor

    Recruitment Consultant , The Andersen Partnership

    ​Pete was a great help in securing my first recruitment job. He seamlessly managed multiple interview processes, he helped me understand exactly what I was getting into and what company would suit me best. Couldn’t recommend any Rec2Rec more than Mint R2R!

  • Nick Kulakoff
    Nick Kulakoff

    State Manager , Redpath Partners

    ​Pete and I opened up a line of communication in Mid 2021. From the first conversations what really stood out to me was his direct and upfront approach coupled with his extensive network and market knowledge. I approached Pete and Mint R2R with a specific trajectory that I wanted my career to take and within a few days he had identified a number of groups that had an appetite to grow their presence into the SA market. His support and guidance throughout the interview process was second none. Thanks mate really appreciate everything you did to influence my move to Redpath. Very dedicated and passionate Rec2Rec.

  • Corrine Altass
    Corrine Altass

    Recruitment Consultant , Six Degrees Executive

    ​Pete was so great to work with! He listened to exactly what I wanted in my next role, took into account the particularly hard circumstances I was job searching in and continuously gave me great advice. He helped me realise my worth and secured me a great role with a company that is going to mould me into an awesome recruiter. He's also just very genuine and authentic and that's often hard to find. I would 100% recommend working with Pete! He's a phenomenal Rec2Rec.

  • Justin Logue
    Justin Logue

    Principal Consultant , Tandem Partners

    ​Pete is very well connected in the recruitment industry. He was informative and always responded promptly to my queries. I would happily work with Pete again and I have already referred him to people in my network. Very strong Rec2Rec.

  • Gabi McNeely
    Gabi McNeely

    Account Manager , Davidson

    ​Pete is an amazing Rec2Rec! He really listens to your career trajectory and provides incredible opportunities. Pete will always go above and beyond. I am so very grateful for his assistance in landing me the recruitment job of my dreams!

  • Darcy Ceapa
    Darcy Ceapa

    Divisional Manager , Experis

    ​Pete is a legend of a bloke, he has been insanely helpful to me these past few years.I first spoke with Pete though his mentorship program where I was paired up with a great mentor who helped me through a challenging part of my career. I then reached out to Pete on some advice on what I could do to better myself in terms of recruitment, he shamelessly plugged his podcast to me (which is pretty decent if your wondering) and then connected me with my new gig that I am at now.Pete listened and was able to find something that I was keen on pretty quickly. I spoke with a lot of other rec2recs in the past and Pete is by far and away the best R2R in the Australian market. Not only do I recommend Pete now, I have recommended many people to reach out to him in the past.

  • Georgia Campbell
    Georgia Campbell

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Honestly cannot thank Pete enough for helping me through this new journey within my career. Pete is such a thorough Rec2Rec and helped me secure my new job which I absolutely love! Pete made this difficult process an absolute breeze and without him, his ability to connect and his help in pathing this new path for me wouldn’t be possible! A very big thank you Pete! 👏

  • Egle Scerbaviciute
    Egle Scerbaviciute

    Principal Consultant , Precision Sourcing

    ​I can’t commend Pete enough for finding me my dream role in Australia, I honestly couldn’t be happier.A few months in and it’s everything I expected and more!He really listened to everything I wanted and gave me the best options in the market, worked around a schedule that suited me and never pressured me to go a certain way.I was apprehensive choosing a company in Australia whilst I was still back in UK, but with Pete’s extensive market knowledge he made me feel as though I was there and in the loop with industry’s standards etc.Thank you for being amazing, will defo be recommending to any recruiter looking for a role in Australia who needs a brilliant Rec2Rec partner.

  • Luke Downie
    Luke Downie

    Recruitment Consultant , Precision Sourcing

    ​Can't recommend Pete enough.There was a period thereof me thinking that I was destined to stay in sales after a few botched interviews with recruitment agencies, I then found Pete.Through his network, coaching and expertise I was able to get back up and running and within the same week of speaking with Pete, after tweaking some things on my CV, I had 3 top tier companies booked in with interviews.I am now in what I would say is my dream recruitment role and am loving the process so far. I would not have had the opportunity to work for such a reputable company without the help of Pete and his amazing expertise.If you're looking for a change or not overly happy where you are, and need to engage with THE best Rec2Rec in Australia, then get in touch with Pete from Mint R2R.

  • Emily Bollard
    Emily Bollard

    Recruitment Consultant , The Andersen Partnership

    ​Upon entering the world of recruitment I had a vague idea of what it entailed. When meeting with Pete all that changed, he answered every question I had In detail and he was very curious about me right from the start, asking me all the relevant questions given my situation before we even started the recruitment process. This gave me confidence as it demonstrated to me he really knew his stuff. Within a couple of days after meeting Pete he set me up for 3 interviews, he works fast and this again gave me a really big confidence boost. After each interview I would give feedback to Pete and he’d give me feedback from the client I found this to be incredibly valuable and allowed me to build even more faith in the process. Within 2 weeks I had attended interviews with 3 companies two of which offered me jobs. Without Pete’s help, guidance, strong belief in me as well as his strong network of companies, this wouldn’t have been possible. I’d highly recommend Pete’s Rec2Rec services to anyone that is looking to get into recruitment.

  • Yennie Sayle
    Yennie Sayle

    Recruitment Consultant , Public Sector People

    ​Pete has been an incredible R2R to work with. He took the time to understand me, my drives, my interests and helped me secure my first ever recruitment job! The entire process was seamless. He shows so much care in what he does and helped me every step of the way. I can't thank him enough! :)