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Want to be part of a sales recruitment team that provides you with all the tools you need, and encourages your success?

Mint R2R has your back!

We get sales (in fact we might even be selling to you right now).
We are Mint R2R, the longest-serving Rec 2 Rec in Australia,
which means we can help you find the best sales recruitment jobs in the business, whether you’re in Australia or the UK.

How do we find Sales Recruiters great recruitment jobs?

It’s simple. We work tirelessly on your behalf to uncover the right sales recruitment opportunities with the right agencies.
Sales recruitment is tough and we know how hard it can be to find the right recruitment agency that can provide the perfect platform to take your sales recruitment career to the next level.  That’s why we leverage our 20 years of experience and extensive industry knowledge to go above and beyond when it comes to finding your next sales recruitment job.

At Mint R2R, we do things differently. 

We don’t believe in being better than everyone else (recruiters are only interested in making a quick placement and moving on to the next one).
We understand that finding the right recruitment agency is about much more than just a placement - it’s about finding a culture that fits your work style, and an environment that allows you to thrive.

That’s why we put your interests first. 

We take the time to listen to your career aspirations, your preferred work style, and your ideal company culture. Armed with this knowledge, we can connect you with boutique and global recruitment agencies that align with your needs and preferences.

We don’t just work with any agencies that need a recruiter. 

Instead, we carefully vet every agency we partner with to ensure they are committed to their employees' growth and development. We ensure that the agencies we work with provide a supportive environment that encourages growth, and we prioritise agencies that offer fair and equitable compensation packages – how else will you pay for all that drinking?

At Mint R2R, we understand that recruitment is a people-centred industry, and we take great pride in building lasting relationships with our clients and candidates. Our unique approach has helped us build a reputation as a trusted advisor in the recruitment industry, and we have helped hundreds of recruiters find the right career opportunities throughout Australia and the UK.

Want to take your career in sales recruitment to the next level? Look no further than Mint R2R.

Give us a shout today to start your journey towards a rewarding recruitment career.