Mint R2R has been placing Recruiters into FUN recruitment jobs since 2004!

Mint R2R is your award-winning, record-breaking, podcast-hosting rec2rec with offices in Australia and the UK. We are (very proudly) the most recommended Rec2Rec on LinkedIn, and the longest serving R2R specialist in Australia. 

(attached photo is a real & authentic picture of some Recruiters we placed who love their jobs so much, that every day around 11am, they stop what they're doing, and engage in a team bonding game of "Pushy Chairy Crashy".)

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Pete & Frank from Mint R2R have over 30 years Rec to Rec experience between them!

Who are Mint R2R?

Well, we're Pete and Frank, and we've been finding new roles for Recruiters since 2004. At the risk of sounding arrogant, after placing more than 1000 Recruiters across Australia and the UK, we’ve become quite good at it..

Our Client portfolio, our Candidate network, our industry knowledge, and the level of service that we provide to anybody that we come into contact with, are what set us apart.

Yes, we’re a Rec2Rec … But we’re a bloody good one.

Rec to Rec is what we do! Rec2Rec is what we LOVE!

Real Testimonials from real recruiters... (still in their jobs!)

  • Will Millington
    Will Millington

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete was super easy to deal with, his preparation for interviews are second to none. Would highly recommend Pete and his Rec2Rec service.

  • Nati Kaveh
    Nati Kaveh

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete was super supportive through my whole process. He is great listener and was always calm and patient. I would highly recommend him. Super experienced, and super passionate R2R.

  • Arvin Timpoc
    Arvin Timpoc

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​When I embarked in my journey in getting a shot or my breakthrough in the recruitment industry, i stumbled across a Rec2Rec called Pete. He gave me a good understanding of the recruitment industry and was very transp...

  • Shannon Capper
    Shannon Capper

    Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete's a Rec2Rec legend. My experience with Pete was delightful. I was trying to break into the industry and partnering with Pete gave me the exposure I needed to find the right place. Pete spent the time to understa...

  • Stephanie Wood
    Stephanie Wood

    Senior Recruitment Consultant

    ​Pete is an energetic Rec2Rec and thorough recruiter who creates a great impression from the get-go. He knows the industry well and took time to really understand the 'brief' from me. He presented a number of scenario...

  • Adrian Petrie
    Adrian Petrie

    Manager , placed by Mint Sept 2020

    ​I had the chance to work with Pete during Covid and I couldn't have been any more impressed with his outstanding level of Rec2Rec service. Pete took his time to understand what I was looking for as a candidate, and h...

  • Stathi Paleologos
    Stathi Paleologos


    ​​Pete is a great Rec2Rec who delivers on his promises and will do his absolute best to offer his candidates a flawless experience. He was transparent and professional through the entire process. I would highly recomm...

  • Dave Morgan
    Dave Morgan

    Practice Manager , placed by Mint March 2020

    ​I've known Pete for a number of years and can't recommend him highly enough. We first met a few years ago when Pete gave me impartial advice which he knew at the time wouldn't result in a placement, 5 years later whe...

  • Jack Byrne
    Jack Byrne

    Senior Recruitment Consultant , placed by Mint Jan 2019

    ​I would highly recommend Pete to anyone looking for an R2R to further their career.He took the time to understand my strengths, motivations and the type of business I wanted to work for. Pete quickly presented me wit...

  • Verge Das Neves
    Verge Das Neves

    Practice Lead

    ​When I was looking at a potential move across the Indian Ocean I reached out to a few Rec2Rec to get a lay of the land. Pete, was by far, the most proactive and customer focused professional. He's knowledge of the ma...

  • Matt Hammerton
    Matt Hammerton

    Practice Lead , placed by Mint May 2019

    ​Pete was fantastic in securing me a great job with an exciting business in Melbourne. He works hard and efficiently whilst providing important insight into the Australian market. If you are looking for a strong Rec2R...

  • Marcel Etienne-Barker
    Marcel Etienne-Barker

    Principal Consultant , placed by Mint May 2019

    ​Pete came to me via a recommendation from a friend whom he had also placed. I decided to work with him exclusively, I advise you to do the same.24 hours after arriving in Melbourne after travelling, Pete immediately ...

Your mint r2r team...

One of us is the longest serving R2R in Australia, and one of us is a Million Dollar Biller turned R-to-R, with over 10 years in the Rec2Rec space. So, we're pretty qualified to help you out.