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Are you a recruiter in Melbourne looking for a change in your recruitment career? 

Mint R2R "Melbourne's favourite rec 2 rec" has the solution.

At Mint R2R, we are passionate about matching great recruiters with leading recruitment agencies in Melbourne. 

We know that recruitment is a tough industry, and finding the right agency where you can really thrive in your career can be a real headache.
That's why we take the time to understand you, your needs, values, and the type of agency culture where you can be your best self.
We then use our extensive network and expertise to identify the perfect role.

Our honest, straightforward approach ensures that we only put you forward for the best opportunities.

We thoroughly vet each agency and role, ensuring the best possible match so you can be confident you’ll be in an environment where you can succeed. 
We believe that matching the right person with the right company can transform a career, there’s no “magic formula” or “special process” we just work tirelessly to find the right fit.

But we don't just help recruiters find a job.
We help recruitment consultants build rewarding careers in Melbourne with boutique and global recruitment agencies. 

After placing more than 1000 Recruiters across Australia and the UK, we have strong relationships and networks with a wide range of recruitment companies across Melbourne, from large global firms to smaller boutique agencies. This gives us a unique insight into the industry and allows us to match talented recruiters with the perfect role.

So, whether you are a Melbourne-based recruiter looking for the next step in your career or a recruitment consultant in the UK seeking a new opportunity down under, Mint R2R can help. We have decades of experience helping UK recruiters migrate to Australia and start new fulfilling careers in Melbourne.

Since one-half of the Mint R2R team has migrated to Australia, we are perfectly placed to help you avoid all the pitfalls and make the process easy. We’re here to help you every step of the way, from visa applications to finding the perfect role.

Give us a shout today to learn more about how we can help you find success in Melbourne's recruitment industry.